When the dry-cough kicks in, I feel like every cough is turning me inside out. It’s harsh. It’s violent and by the afternoon it gives me a massive headache. But overall, I’ve been much sicker, many times before. At the same time it seems like the world is becoming un-stitched. Almost it’s like the end of the world as we know it. I remain quite concerned for my parents, friends, and neighbors who are at much more risk than me. But, at the same time, it doesn’t feel proportional.  Something’s truly out of balance with reality.  We’ll see how the next weeks and months progress.  For now, I decided to journal my experience.

March 10th

After spending a quick weekend with my wife on the North Shore of Oahu, I jumped the redeye home. Like a dope, I forgot to bring an ambien with me to help me sleep. So I arrived in SLC with only a few hours of sleep and without even leaving the airport, I jumped a second plane to San Jose.

March 11th (infected)

Mid trip I saw the news of 2 TSA Agents in San Jose Airport testing positive for Covid-19. It gave me pause, but I felt comfortable continuing. It couldn’t happen to me. Right? The morning flight to SJC was maybe 20% full.  It feels like a ghost town on the flight. In San Jose on the 11th, I dropped by a few customers and prospects and left gifts (fresh Hawaiian Pineapples), and had the pleasure to share lunch with a colleague and friend. Then jumped the 5pm flight back to SLC (same day).

March 12th (day 2)

I met up with my daughter and gave her a hug and a pineapple; less than 15 seconds of contact and a brief chat. Then I worked in the office for the rest of the day.

March 13th (day 3)

The rest of my team worked from home on Friday, but I decided to go into the office to meet up with someone over lunch. That meeting fell through. By the evening, I was feeling odd and called my folks to let them know I’d be skipping a family wedding the next day. I wasn’t sure if I was being too cautious, but my folks are in the 80s, and I didn’t want to risk getting them sick.  Had Nyquil and went to bed.

My daughter (works in HR) supported a significant ‘lay-off’ in her company. The economic effect of the virus is already starting to take it’s toll. Her company is in the travel and adventure space. Things are unwinding around us. What’s happening?

March 14th (day 4)

Saturday I woke up and knew I made the right choice. I had a mild fever, aches, headache, fatigue, and a wicked dry cough. A perfect match to mild Covid-19 symptoms. DANG.  How did this happen to me? Yep, I was feeling pretty stupid. But. Wildly not terrible. I must admit it was a crap day. I felt physically wreaked and lonely. Missing my wife and missing the family wedding.

My nearby daughter tracked me down some orange juice, carrot juice and ingredients for chicken and vegetable soup. She opened the garage and left the food at the back door and left. I didn’t get to see her, but I felt her love and support. Everyone’s panicked and is pressing me to get an test.  I’m fine.

March 15th (day 5)

Sunday home alone again. Our dishwasher broke several weeks back and hasn’t been replaced as we’re going to refinish our wood floor.  So, I’m washing the dishes in scalding hot water to sterilize the best I can.

I enjoyed a spiritual video message from my Bishop. I also watched “The Groundhog Day.” What a classic!  Everyone’s still harassing me to get tested. I finally gave in and called the Utah State COVID hotline. What did they say? Unless I have more serious symptoms, testing wasn’t necessary (or possible).  I have no doubt this is Covid after reading endless lists of symptoms and reading about other people’s experiences… but the state requires fever > 101.5, dry cough, and extreme difficulty breathing. It makes sense. I’ve been sick a dozen times in the past few years and haven’t required a positive test to accept my sickness. Everyone still wants me to be tested. I don’t have the energy to fight for a test nor the belief that it’s a big deal. Am I missing something? Do I not have real Covid? I’m fine.

We jumped on a family Zoom call so we could check in and share love and support. Our 4 kids are scattered around, and my wife is still in Hawaii. Everyone is feeling nervous and uncertain about the future. How awesome that we have access to easy, cool, affordable tech to bring us together.

March 16th (day 6)

I snuck out and walked around the block (with a mask) to help my dog stretch his legs. Out normally quite neighborhood feels even more quite than normal.

Then the big call of the day. The daughter I hugged and gave a pineapple on day 2… she woke up with a dry cough and feeling terrible. UGH. Did I infect her? Feeling pretty guilty. Maybe my team will get sick from me too……I hope not.

It’s Monday and back to work; from home. It was a wildly busy day. Thank God I’m feeling pretty ok. Not 100%. With occasional coughing. But otherwise great. I pounded out about 12 hours of work as I wrapped up my day with a 2 hour meeting with a partner in Singapore. I was tired and wanted to sleep. Minimal coughing until I laid down. Then for some reason, being horizontal I started coughing a fit. That’s when I finally had the chance to talk with my wife and of course she assumed I was coughing myself inside out and dying. Get tested. Call the doctor. I need to sleep.

March 17th (day 7)

Today feels much the same as yesterday.

Out for an early walk around the block with the dog before anyone else is awake. The fresh air and open sky feels like a big blessing. Stealing a few minutes outside before it imposes on anyone else.

Then back home and back at work for another day that felt like yesterday.  But, people are freaking out. Everywhere. The world is coming apart…my son-in-law lost his job yesterday. The human impact is deep and multifaceted. Hopefully we can find our way through this before it’s such a deep impact that it will take 5-10 years to recover.

I went from not too bad to TERRIBLE after 14 days. The rest of the story is in my next blog. I felt so confident about my Covid-19 recovery. Then. SLAM! Pneumonia, and I was into a very scary few days.