I’m a builder. I still remember the sweet smell of pine shavings from a big furniture project my dad did when I was a small boy. Dad was a biochemistry professor, but he was fearless in his ability to build. More often than not, the building project isn’t all new. It’s a remodel. Which means it often starts with demolition. That’s scary. But the courage to cut a big hole in the wall is the first step to having a new door or window. You have to be willing to start the demolition or you’ll never be able to build something new.

I love to travel, experience and learn from people and cultures all around the world. Dad grew up in South Africa and wanted us to have a similar experience so when I was 11, he took us to live in Kuwait for 2 years. I loved that experience along with travel in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa during those years. Thankfully my career with Intel and Adobe offered me the opportunity to continue to travel and see new things.

I followed Dad’s footsteps into Biochemistry then veered off to get an MBA. Most of my career has been in Procurement working on contracts, negotiations, and operations to improve business results.

This year I decided to leave corporate life and solve a fundamental problem facing all business today. It’s a whole new kind of adventure.